Ludington Institute for Family Enrichment

875 South Westlake Boulevard, Suite 211
Westlake Village, CA 91361

Telephone: 805.449.4375

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"There were and still are times that I want to bail and find reasons why I should not be coming to you. I appreciate your being honest with me and the challenges that you place before me . . . I am encouraged by the changes I see in myself as a person, in my thought life, and also in my relationship."

D. C.

"Thank you isn’t enough for helping me find myself."


"Thank you for not giving up on us and so generously working with us in such a loving, caring and supportive way. You’ve made a difference in all our lives and I am so grateful to you for that."


"Thank you for teaching me to not turn away from pain; for helping me to see that I pull away from those in my life. . . . Thank you for showing me that I am listening to a voice in my head that keeps me from experiencing all of the Joy that God would have me feel."


"Thank you so much for your extremely competent and professional handling of our joint session, I really appreciate your deft, directed and authoritative approach in light of the high level of frustration and anger in that room. I feel personally appreciative, and protected, but I also want you to recognize that I recognize the level of skill that session took. You really proved (even if you didn’t have to) that you are, indeed, extremely good at what you do . . . and I am very grateful."


"I will always be grateful for the insights and ‘revelations’ you helped me to understand and for the gentle no-nonsense way you helped me to grow. I hope you realize what a truly special talent you possess – and I have a sneaking suspicion you do. May you be given the peace and happiness you have helped so many others to find."

W. B.

"A very special thanks to you, Al, for guiding me through my recent crisis and for giving me such a strong sense of the direction in which I need to focus my efforts. I wouldn’t have the courage to take this present risk had you not provided me with such a firm foundation and assured me that you’d be there when I need your assistance again."

S. P.

"Without your help, I would have been unable to make it to where I am today. I graduated with Honors! When I started school, you helped to negotiate a deal with my parents to pay for my education if I maintained “B’s”. Well, I’ve maintained a 3.75 and . . . straight “A’s” for the past three semesters! I’ve managed to grow up a bit. . . . I’m starting the Masters program . . . and have applied to Ph.D. programs in for next fall. . . . I really owe you a lot. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated your help."

D. K.

“I would like to thank you because, without your help and kindness, I would not be where I am today. I am happier than I have ever been. I also feel like I have a good barometer to read what is going on with me and to be realistic about others and myself. Sometimes, I still get blue, but I think this is something I am going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. I have gotten very good at recognizing it and taking positive steps to overcome my depression before it gets bad.”

D. D.

"I think of you so often and how thankful I am for having you in our lives over the years. My life gets better every day as the reality of having a wonderful relationship seeps in. . . . Things are so different from what they were the last 8 years, so happy. I know I couldn’t have this in my life without the ‘training’ you provided. I continue on my journey to be authentic in everything I do, not stuff anything deep inside, live my life ‘as if it’s on video and everyone can see’—so many of your words ring in my head and help me in the trickier moments."

M. C.

"I was in the area and was drawn to the building where I spent endless hours working hard with you to find a peaceful place within myself. I want to thank you again for your help during the turbulence of my teenage years. I am now 24 and halfway through a Masters program. Our work together inspired me to pursue this career."

J. P.

"I appreciate your kindness and caring."

B. R.

"I do not know where I would be today if not for your love and caring. . . . I will always remember."


"I wanted to thank you, really thank you, for your guidance and love, without which I would never be standing on the eve of my fondest dream."

L. L.

"Thanks seems so shallow compared to the tools and gifts you have shared with us . . . giving us the ability to share our lives in love and to have a family."


"Thank you, Al, for being so instrumental in us staying together, and being a healthy, happy family. . . . We are lucky we found you."

T. N.

"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your wonderful care and concern. You have helped us navigate this difficult course with our son. We appreciate your wisdom and wise counsel."


"You are a god-send! Thank you for participating in Youth Congress. . . . Your experience and information were most helpful in stimulating discussion. It was evident . . . that your presentation raised the students’ awareness of how their actions can influence the lives of others. . . . I wanted to express personal appreciation for what you brought to the forum—a lot of experience and down-to-earth, realistic information. We are fortunate to have you in our community."

Betty De Santis, Mayor, City of Westlake Village 2002

"Thanks so much for your willingness to help us get through a difficult time at Newbury Park High School. Your presentation . . . was powerful and important.

Students and staff are still talking about the impact of the assembly."

Athol Wong, Principal, Newbury Park High School

“Thank you so much for doing such a terrific job with our parents and young people last night at Sequoia. I felt your treatment of a full range of important issues was absolutely first-rate. And if there were an award for honest, open, direct communication on sensitive subjects within the family, you would get all of my votes.”

James L. Scarpino, Principal, Sequoia Intermediate

“We certainly invited the right person to be the keynote speaker at our Secondary Staff Development Day. You were sensational! Your comments were obviously well thought out and heart felt. Your focus was precisely where we wanted our program to be and it was a perfect lead into the series of workshops which followed.“

Dr. Albert D. Marley, Superintendent, Las Virgenes School District

“Thank you so very much for speaking to our PTA group. I can’t remember when I enjoyed a speaker more. I now think of my kids as almost normal.”

P. B.


From Al Ludington's presentation to NAMI

”This was absolutely the best information our families needed. Alan Ludington lives his subject matter and any families counseled by him must surely receive the help they need. I learned so much and invited my friend, Paula, who just called me to say how much she really learned to move her out of denial in her family of many with mental illnesses and how much she learned last night. I hope he continues to advocate with the county to help them understand the key to recovery involves a team which includes the family. I hope he can return. Thank you.”

-from a mother

”I thought that the speaker did an excellent job. He was very knowledgeable and he presented the topic in a very clear way that was easy to understand. I have never been to a NAMI meeting before, but I will definitely be coming back because I felt like I learned a lot. I got a little frustrated when the presentation got delayed due to attendants wanting to talk about their personal lives and struggles, but then it got back on track. It was informative and I took notes the entire time. I would love to hear about other topics related to mental illness in regards to how best to deal with and treat them, family involvement, intimate relationships with MI patients, and so on. I look forward to the next meeting.”

- from a service provider

”I feel depressed now. This was the first NAMI meeting I had attended. Listening to all the other parents and to the speaker, I guess I must accept what I and my son will have to live with for the rest of our lives.”

-from a father

”Alan Ludington has obviously been living in my home, or looking through my windows constantly! My home is an IPU, just as he said, and I go through exactly the same issues with my daughter that he talked about last night. An absolutely amazing speaker.”

- from a mother

”Alan Ludington is an excellent resource, as I learned at the NAMI meeting last night.....he is well balanced and offered his own experience to frame his comments and his years of experience in the ministry and in family counseling have produced in him a polished gem which sheds understanding and humor to all he thing I knew is that family therapy is crucial and one thing I learned is that we need to lobby for it.....Alan is definitely a community treasure!! always have interesting and provocative speakers and subjects....many thanks.”

- from a client

”I felt like he really knew the subject matter especially with his background of illness in his family. I did learn some things and I also got a lot of re-assurance and peace of mind from some of his comments. I thought he was excellent.”

- from a mother